Khamis, 10 Februari 2011

The Flow Of hatred

hye hello hai Hey Wassup .. How its goin Guys ! ???

Its a pretty bad Month But CNY Was Great Awesomeness The Lala The JoAnna The Halim And The ME .. Ahahaha its Fuckin Great Holidays .. i wish everyday like that days ..

But the Sad But true Things That im gonna Tell you is :-

The girl That i love Suddenly Changes .. I meant The Personality The brain maybe Damage already . shes Suddenly Text me And Tell me Shes going to k.l Urgent Matters .Its okay aslong she keep In touch With me ..

i text her how its going ? then She reply Bla bla bla bla.. Actually Shes not Answering My question ..

And Bla bla bla bla ..Shes not answering my phone then Bla bla bla bla.. Shes Goin away .. Run again from Me .. Yah i know im bad ..

tq For run away from me :) appreciate it